Oriental head massage

From top to arms through face, ears, neck and shoulders. You sit on a chair with your eyes closed during the massage.

Bite muscle massage

Massage on the face and neck area to ease tension and to relax.

Suction cup massage

Vacuum in cups while gliding on the skin. Only a few minutes at the time for not causing tissue damage. Good for cellulite treatment. Extremely efficient massage.  Don’t forget the right kind of food and lots of drinking of water! 

Connective tissue massage

To improve blood pressure and lymphatic cirkling. During the treatment collagenic bindings are released and movability is rebuilt. Back, legs, arms and neck area are treated.

Nerve pathway massage

To treat ischias, lumbago, muscle aches, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis. 

Cellulite massage

Different kinds of techniques are used, for example classical massage, lymphatic and  vacuum cups all with bladderwrack gel.

Peat pack treatment

For the whole body. It takes 45 minutes. You are covered with peat packs. 

Peat bath

First you sit in a bathtub with peat spread on your skin. Then warm water is poured into the tub and you  “float” in the tub for 45 minutes.

Peat compress treatment

To ease rheumatic aches and infections. Peat peels and moisturizes the skin, improves metabolism and purifies the body.